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Shageluk Brownfield Sites

Site Name Response Action  Date of Response Site Location
Site Size Reuse Options Nature of Potential Contamination

Tank Between School and Work Shop

Site Added to Database


62.654936046   -159.534024487

500ft sq.


Diesel, Petroleum 

Contamination Behind Teen Center



62.655472055   -159.531660463

50ft sq.


Diesel, Petroleum 

Shageluk Tank Farm Completed Phase I Site Assessment 10-2012        
City of Shageluk Tank farm   7-2016        
Old Shageluk Native Store Site Added to Database 8-2017 Block 2 Lot 2     DRO Contamination
Old Native Store Warehouse Old Preschool Building 8-2017 Block 7 Lot 3     DRO Contamination
Old Preschool Building Old Preschool Building 8-2017 Block 7 Lot 27     DRO Contamination


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