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Recycle Program



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Recycling Program


The Anvik Tribal Council is committed to the protection and preservation of the environment and its natural resources

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Please recycle
Disposable Batteries, Inkjet Cartridges & Fluorescent light bulbs

Not only do we recycle cans. We also recycle disposable batteries, Inkjet Cartridges and Fluorescent light bulbs.

Regular alkaline batteries are the most common household batteries which include AA, AAA, C, D, 9 Volt and lantern type batteries. If you throw away your batteries at the dump, they're most likely to get burned and even alkaline batteries will still give off heavy metals into the smoke. The likelihood of those metals reaching beyond the dumpsite (in the smoke) is very high and toxic metal that can potentially get into the waters, air and food chain. That's not healthy at all.

Recycling Inkjet Cartridges help reduce waste in the landfill. Massive amounts of pollution are created each year due to millions and millions of pounds of ink cartridges that are just thrown away. That's why recycling ink cartridges allows those materials that went into the making of your ink cartridges to be saved and reused for others to buy and make use of. If more and more people recycled their printer cartridges, we'd have a dramatic decrease in wasted toxic materials and a greater preservation of our natural recourses.

Recycling fluorescent light bulbs prevent our community and environment from a large amount of pollution. Fluorescent light bulbs contain mercury which is a very harmful metal, especially if it changes to its most toxic form called "methylmercury." It can hurt brain development in children and affect neurological ability (being able to move well and remember or understanding things) in adults. Busting your fluorescent bulbs at the dump is doing much more harm that you think. Not just to you, but to everyone. Busting the bulbs releases the mercury into the air and our environment.

These are some of the reasons that we recycle batteries, Inkjet cartridges and fluorescent light bulbs. So please drop off any or all of your batteries, cartridges and bulbs at the Environmental Office for recycling to help protect our community as well as our environment from major pollution.


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